"Que Pena" is an original instrumental from Toto Zara's 7th album "Antillano" which features salsa, bolero, cumbia and other styles he wrote durng his tours of his home country of Spain, France (the Latin Quarter) Brazil and New York.  Toto was the youngest of several siblings that became a popular european family group called "Zara"

Toto's father (family name Zaratiegui) founded a nation school of the arts in Tafallia, Spain which today still stand in the town square as a historical landmark. At the age of 8,  Toto was featured guitarist and flamingo-dancer during public concerts by noted French composer Gilbert Becaud.

"Que Pena" with audio and score by Tom Frazee.  Recorded at Admagination Studios using Sonar Platinum, WAVES Diamond bundle, East / West Sounds as well as other top VST instruments and effects plug ins. Additional performers: Tom Frazee on Trombone, Mikel Bartal on Trumpet and Alfredo Yuno on Flute.

"Que Pena"

PDF of Score, click here

Audio, Score and Animated Score

Jingles...a nefarious term.  Dismissed by musicians as non-creative junk...a trivial pursuit that is beneath them, yet when asked, everyone has produced some.
It seems like every musician in the world claims to create jingles!  Some while waiting for their big recording contract.  Some because their dad owns a car dealership. Some because they just got a computer with an audio recorder built in.
Full Sing Jingle Medley 1 -  LYRIC SHEET
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Our own jingle and the history of jingles: Wheaties

As songwriters, we should be as competent in writing songs for hire as we are writing our own material.  That is the "craft" of songwriting.  Applying tools, techniques and tricks to our songwriting, we are able to write on demand.  This is the foundation places like; Tin Pan Alley / NYC, Brill Building / NYC, Motown-Tamla / Detroit were built on.

Aside from writing our own songs, a big part of our business is what we refer to as: Non-Traditional Revenue Streams / Works for Hire / Custom Songs.  This type of craft writing has a lot of potential for income, as they not only pay well per song, but they are impactful, and open the door to provide the client other services.

  • Cause awareness
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • Corporate events
  • Motivational conferences
  • Product release shows

...as well as honing your craft for you next album.  Write well, write often.

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