Women make 89% of the banking decisions for their families.
Studies show that women influence up to 80% of household buying decisions worldwide but 73% of them report being unsatisfied with their banking services. What do you think are the main reasons?
First and foremost, women are unsatisfied because the companies “are built on masculine norms” and one-size-fits-all format. Developing products and services relying on male traits and values do not resonate with female consumers.
In order to succeed in tapping the market for women's banking services, banks need to change the way they communicate. That is the key to reach growing segment of women.- Gemma Cernuda is specialist of branding and communication for women.

The purpose of a branded audio package for radio and TV is simple:
  • To keep your brand in the mind of the listener past the 60 seconds you paid for air time
  • To create a "light fog" as opposed to a "sledgehammer" in the market or markets you are serving (Al Ries / Jack Trout: "Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind".
The "science to the subjectivity" we use on every female production package is based on market research, trends and intuition.  In this case a female decision maker:
  1. Use a strong female lead vocal to attract a female target
  2. Full orchestrations and bold productions are aimed towards the 24-45 female professional or head of a household
  3. Use mnenomics instead of annoying repetition to plant your brand in the mind of the listener.
  4. Oh yeah...and make sure you can understand every...single...word!


Banking and Financial Services Medley of 4 Demos by Admagination

  • The Bank of Commerce / "Feels like home"
  • First Horizon Home Loans / "Experience and trust...that's why they can't help talking about us"
  • Community Bank / "Local money working for local people"
  • Venture Bank / "Independant as you" (male and female lead vocals)
  • Elko Federal Credit Union / "The one for all your needs"

Fun Factoids:

"Wheaties".  The very first singing advertisment in history. "If it wasn't for a radio jingle sung on Christmas Eve in 1926 by a barbershop quartet in Minneapolis, Wheaties cereal would have been long forgotten by now. ... Initially known as “Washburn's Gold Medal Whole Wheat Flakes,” the name was dropped a year later for Wheaties." 

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