As songwriters, we should be as competent in writing songs for hire as we are writing our own material.  That is the "craft" of songwriting.  Applying tools, techniques and tricks to our songwriting, we are able to write on demand.  This is the foundation places like; Tin Pan Alley / NYC, Brill Building / NYC, Motown-Tamla / Detroit were built on.

Aside from writing our own songs, a big part of our business is what we refer to as: Non-Traditional Revenue Streams / Works for Hire / Custom Songs.  This type of craft writing has a lot of potential for income, as they not only pay well per song, but they are impactful, and open the door to provide the client other services.

  • Cause awareness
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • Corporate events
  • Motivational conferences
  • Product release shows well as honing your craft for you next album.  Write well, write often.

Click here if you'd like to see the presentation I use as a masterclass multimedia.  Click on BELOW for a bunch of songs.  Some in video, some as just audio...all with lyrics

"How Long" / Tom Frazee & Nancy Roché | recorded at Admagination Creative Services | vocals: Nancy Roché | programming and mixing: Tom Frazee.
Use: Pitched and picked up by Whitney Houston, UMPG, and Warner / Chappell publishing.  Also included on our album "Good Love"  LYRICS

This Is Rodeo / Theme Song for the NFR / Las Vegas Opening Show  Music and lyrics by: Tom Frazee / Nancy Roché
Performed by: Coy Hibbert
Recorded at: Admagination Creative Studios
"As The Ribbon Breaks" National Theme Song / Koman Race For The Cure:
Tom and Nancy were commissioned to write a song for Koman Race in Boise. They were then flown to Washington, DC & Minneapolis, MN to perform it live!
"As The Ribbon Breaks" (Nancy Roché, vocals) - LYRICS









Boise 2000 Millennium Show:
Admagination (tom and Nancy) produced the show, with full cast, and wrote the theme song"Celebrate the Past, Imagine the Future" (Nancy Roché, vocals)- LYRICS
World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame / BSU
World Sports Humanitarian Hall Of Fame Induction Show / Opening Song:
"You Showed Me The Way" (Nancy Roché, vocals)- LYRICS
World Sports Humanitarian Hall Of Fame:
"We Honor You Today"(Nancy Roché, vocals)LYRICS
International Festivals & Events Assoc:
Post 9/11 Conference"
The Show Will Go On" (Nancy Roché, vocals)- LYRICS

President Bush Inaugural Submission:
Per Idaho Governor's (and the RNC) request we wrote & submitted this.  It hit #3 on MusicMatch the weeks following 9/11.
"The Rock Of America" (Nancy Roché, vocals)- LYRICS

Boise River Festival:
Award winning children's show"How Cowboy Ernie Finds His Yodel" 
"Happy Hopping" (Gail Bonine, vocals) - LYRICS
"Shake Your South Side" (Tommy Collins,vocals) - LYRICS
"Howl at the Silvery Moon" (Tommy Collins,vocals) - LYRICS
"Comforts of Home" (Tom Frazee, vocals) - LYRICS
"Happiness is Like the Wind" - Theme song (Nancy Roché, vocals) - LYRICS
...and many, many more!