The day music was able to be composed, arranged and recorded on a computer was probably the biggest leap forward for writers and arrangers every where.  First MIDI then audio, then the perfect blend of MIDI, sampled and synthetic instruments, the advent of General MIDI and finally high def audio.  Anyone born in the 50's or 60's lived through every step of the innovation.  Some welcomed it, some feared it, but everyone knew it was here to stay and the rest is history...

Below are some examples of work I have done in the areas of:

  • Jingle and Audio for Broadcasting
  • Audio for Video
  • Works for Hire (songwriting)
  • Arranging and producing for albums
  • Advanced Digital Editing

My rigs over the years has always been the best professional equipment possible.  Starting with hardware sequencing (Yamaha QX-1 with TX-1 modules) to Commodore's Amiga Notator & Creator to todays top production DAW's.  Currently I use a custom built MSI tower with dual 6 core Xeon chips overclocked to 4.1GHZ running Win 10. 128G ram, dual slot GeForce GTX 1080 with 8G, Firewire and USB 3 ports.  A Focusrite 18i20 audio interface.  GrooveTube mic preamp, ART tracking compressor and an AT-4050 mic for vocals.

Main Production Suite Software:

  • Cakewalk Sonar Platinum (now owned by BandLab)
  • East / West Composer cloud with the PLAY interface
  • Native Instruments / Kontakt 5
  • Garritan, Aria and Cakewalk GM
  • Waves Mercury FX's Bundle
  • Nomad and Cakewalk FX's Suites
  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Other Software Proficiencies:

  • Logic Pro (MAC)
  • Pro Tools (PC)
  • Cubase 9 (PC)
  • LandR AI / Algorhytm Master
  • iReal Pro
  • Finale 25