Inspired by the last interview with Chester Bennington (Linkin Park, Stone Temple Pilots) before his suicide July 20th, 2017


  • Original songwriting
  • Chillhop production in and out of the triple and duple feels (drums mainly)
  • Ambient bass lines with no downbeat
  • Use of one shots, stems, loops, programming and live analog recording (vocal and acoustic guitar)
  • Video Production

"MY BEAUTIFUL STAR" By Nancy Roché & Tom Frazee , © Feb 2018

Programed and recorded at Admagination Creative Studios / All programming and sound design by Tom Frazee.  Lyrics: Nancy Roché and Tom Frazee. Vocals by Nancy Roché

Why stand alone
Shivering in the rain?
Nothing I can do can bring him back again.
Blaming myself
For what I might have missed
To have him back with me, that’d be my only wish.
Oh how fragile we all are, and how alone we become,
Life unravels, undone,
And to be called happy seems the fate of the fortunate ones.
Why want for him
What I’d want for me?
He was who he was, and it was meant to be.
So he surrendered
Slipped silently alone
With pain that spanned an ocean, sunk him like a stone.
The demon voice had beckoned to him, deep inside of his head,
No more sunlight it said,
That the still of the dark brings peace to the heart of his dread.
Calling out for you
Reaching out for you
Empty without you
My Beautiful Star
Why shake a fist
Swearing at the sun?
Nothing I can do will make the deed undone.
Just to draw up all the sorrow in that dirty syringe,
Talk him down from the binge,
Whisper in his ear, that eyes wide open beats life on the fringe.
Calling out for you
Reaching out for you
Empty without you
My Beautiful Star