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Admagination Audio: Ahead of the Curve Since 1992

Admagination Studios formally launched in 1992 in Boise, Idaho...starting the beginning of 2 decades of providing creative services for broadcasters, advertisers, event producers, dance studios, web designs, festivals, schools...the list includes anything and anyone that we can say "we booted up the studio today to make music"
  • We had the first commercial internet site in Idaho hosted at Micron
  • We were the first studio to output client projects to CD
  • We were the first to use computer based digital audio and MIDI software for recording
  • We did a real-time vocal recording session over the internet...dial up!  In 1994!
  • We have over 300 jingle packages across the US and Canada in over 45 markets
  • Combined (and estimated) our productions have over 300,000 airplays a year

Here's a little taste of our work:

Our packages are affordable, custom productions designed to fit with whatever project comes to us.  We are constantly creating great package deals that help broadcasters gain new clients, get more air buys from existing clients and drive sales for their product, service or event.  Read a couple of letters of results...just click on the logo below.

Jingles: Music Sells Everything!

Jingle Packages...minute symphonies...singing ad's.  A bit of history: It all started on Christmas Eve 1926 in Minneapolis / St. Paul when 4 male singers stepped up to a live mic and sang:


Have you tried Wheaties?
They’re whole wheat with all of the bran.
Won’t you try Wheaties?
For wheat is the best food of man.
They’re crispy and crunchy
The whole year through,
The kiddies never tire of them
and neither will you.
So just try Wheaties,
The best breakfast food in the land.

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Over 300 in 45 Markets! Yeah, We Know How to Do It

It seems like every musician in the world claims to create jingles!  Some while waiting for their big recording contract.  Some because their dad owns a car dealership. Some because they just got a computer with an audio recorder built in . . .  NOT!  Jingles are a science, they are an art, and they should be taken serously. They are your PR to the world! Here is what you need to do it right . . . AND of course Admagination has all these things!
  • You need a Class A Digital Production Studio
  • At least one great, well diverse arranger / songwriter / producer / engineer
  • Great lyricist...pop song level writer
  • A great female and male singer with a huge variety of styles and great range...that are one take wonders
  • A skill-set of sales and customer relations
  • ...and a love for the art!

Have that...and you'll get this: (These are mixes of several demos each)


Sell Your Cool Thing: Radio Rocks!

Of course, once you have all this focused creative energy and a great still need to close the sale.  Let's also not forget, with the immense competition in communications, radio is one of the last "free" forms of news and entertainment. Plus Radio works! We always try to support the industry in whatever way we can.

A single track from our "Radio Gets Results / Radio Rocks" PSA productions.  Call for more information 208-286-7664

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Parody and Comedy Elements

There's also a twisted side to the industry of audio for broadcasting:  Parody productions. For example, Bob Rivers in Seattle / 95.7 KJR FM, the Bob and Tom Show (originally on WFBQ / Indianapolis, now syndicated across ClearChannels 850 station network).  These talented professionals have made parody songs, skits, ads and show segments a pop icon.
We love the parody market! Anything you can air, we can do!
"Morning Show Kissing up to the New GM...Monty"

More tracks...Parody and Comedy Elements

Worth Remembering! The Power of the Jingle!

Just going to let this video collection of some of the industry's most tried and true jingles ever.