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Welcome to Admagination / Audio for Broadcasting. 20 years in the custom jingle and audio for broadcasting business has made it possible to develop the creative and client relationship skill-set that speaks volumes!  But we really prefer to let our music speak for us.  So turn up the volume and enjoy this very small sample of our custom work!
Jingle Mix 1 / Staff
Jingle / Promo Mix 2 / Staff
Our Creative Team and Studio A:

The Future of Music Education...Today!

Our advanced and powerful Cool Tool Music School® is designed from the ground up to be the most affordable, current music education and training for today's thriving musician.  At the same time, we are committed to raising the bar of our student's creativity higher than they ever dreamed possible.  The level of professional achievement and recognition our faculty, adjunct faculty and staff is exactly who you need to be learning from!
  • Powerful
  • Scalable
  • Collaborative
  • ...and affordable!


Designing Advanced Media Optimized Websites

Web design optimized for media content delivery is a rapidly evolving platform.  It is different than broadcast, as it requires knowledge of how to get the most from the least.  One of Admagination's premier web solutions is an on-line awards site for media & communications called "Best in Media".  It is a hugely innovative system where the entire awards process is done on-line including all forms of media (video, audio, images and documents) data management, judging access and event show production.  Below is a live feed right from an entry in this years Georgia Association of Broadcasters:

Latest Articles

The Study of Relative Pitch

Check back in a couple of weeks because we are gearing up for a very unique and helpful presentation of the true use and importance of relative pitch.  What was once a party trick is now one of the most useful tools in ear training, composition and songwriting.

The Heart of Christmas

For the past 5 years, Nancy and Tom have been offering their Christmas at special events...most of the time just giving them away.  "We really want to try to finish the final two songs" Frazee says, "but with the demands of the recent move, the upcoming winter show series, the school, the's not easy and it seems we just don't quite get started in time".  It takes them about a week to arrange, record and master a song for inclusion in the album.  Here is just a sampling of a few songs from "With a Christmas Heart"

The Daily Double

It's our job to sort through the information that is pertinent to what we do and what we try to accomplish in music, education and the internet.  There will always be two different related videos here.  Check back daily

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