Sound...check.  Lights...check.  Video...check.  Set design and staging...check!  Logistical support...check.  Completely cool show elements composed and staged affordably for your event!  Learn more about what Admagination can do for you in the articles below and check out our live event brochure that has a great overview of Admaginations service and creative content that we bring to every event!

We have the best quality equipment, the friendlest crew and one of the top reputations for delivering the added effects of multi-media, live performance, lighting and staging to make any event look professional and seasoned.  Click here for Resume / CV



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Indianapolis, Indiana.  A fairly typical hotel ballroom with all the standard layouts.  Entertainment: The Purdue University Male Glee club with rhythm section. The transition entertainment:  America's Got Talent Robert Post.  Keynote Speaker: Ric Birch / Olympic opening producer for several years.
We came in with an audio tech, video tech, lighting tech, 3 riggers, 2 stage hands, lead camera op, electrician.  We hired local truck crew, 2 extra camera ops, 3 stage hands.  It took us 5 hours to set the room, we allotted 3 hours for tech rehearsal, 4 hours for talent dress rehearsals.  The show ran the next morning at 9AM for 1 hour and 52 minutes including keynote.
Indianapolis Specifications:
Dimensions.  Stage right to stage left screens: 89'
Audience Coverage: 3500
Video Feed: 3 Live Cameras, 3 source matrix mix (2 data, 1 footage)
Audio Channels: 48
Lighting: 18,000 watts plus moving head specials and RGB bricks for accent & wash
2-9' x 12' rear projection screens, 2-7.5' x 10' rear projection screens, 1-6' x 8' front projected sponsor screen
2 JBL arrays each with 3 wedges and 1 subwoofer

Admagination received a call that a show client had gone everywhere looking for a live drill team to post the flag.  When they ran out of options, we called our good friends at the 116th Brigade / Idaho National Guard and were able to provide this at the show!
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As seasoned Show Producers and musicians we value the way a theme song pulls together the focus of an event. below are some recordings for you to enjoy.
Boise 2000 Millenium Show:
Admagination produced the show, with full cast, and wrote the theme song
"Celebrate the Past, Imagine the Future"
International Festivals & Events Assoc:
Post 9/11 Conference
"The Show Will Go On"
President Bush Inaugural Submission:
Per Idaho Governor's request we wrote & submitted this.
Was #3 on MusicMatch the weeks following 9/11.
"The Rock Of America"
World Sports Humanitarian Hall Of Fame:
"We Honor You Today"
Boise River Festival:
"How Cowboy Ernie Finds His Yodel"
Children's Show
"Happy Hopping" - Gail Bonine
"Shake Your South Side"
"Howl at the Silvery Moon"
"Comforts of Home"-Tom Frazee
"Happiness is Like the Wind" - Theme song (Nancy)
Boise River Festival:
Opening song for Gameshow, saluting Canada (FUNNY)
"Who Wants To Be Canadian"
Boise River Festival:
"Festival Time Again"
Governor Kempthorne's Inaugural:
"Together We Can Do Great Things"
Koman Race For The Cure:
Tom and Nancy were commissioned to write a song for Koman Race in Boise.
They were then flown to Washington, DC & Minneapolis, MN to perform it live!
"As The Ribbon Breaks"
You Showed Me the Way

Here are some events we have produced:
  • Opening & Closing Show for the Boise River Festival (8 years)
  • The Boise 2000 Millennium Celebration
  • Smart Women, Smart Money
  • Governor Dirk Kempthorne's Inaugural Gala
  • World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame (5 years)
  • International Festivals and Events opening Gala (9 years)
  • Tournament of Roses Directors Dinner (performance only)
  • Music For All Closing (Performance only)
  • NCAA Humanitarian Bowl Half Time Show (2 years)
  • Jus Health Products First Release Show, Bally's LV
  • Koman Race For The Cure- performance only (Wash DC, Minneapolis & Boise)
  • Arts Northwest Showcase-tech (4X)
  • ...and MANY more- too numerous to mention!
List of Creative and Logistic Services:
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