Glossary:  Terms you should be familiar with as we work with you and your media partner in creating your advertising package


Hook Slogan you use for your company (we can use your existing one or write a brand new one)
Copy The script that is spoken during the non-singing sections of your jingle
VO / Voiceover The section of the jingle where there is only music for the talent to read the copy
Sing In The singing section at the top of the jingle (typically 7-10 seconds)
Sing Out The singing section at the end of the jingle
Donut The area of the jingle where there is no singing.  The music bed where the VO goes
30 30 second jingle
60 60 second jingle
Edits Different versions of the same jingle with different sections (ex: Music in / Sing out, Sing in / Music out)
Testimonial Actual customers telling there satisfaction story in place of the copy
On-Hold An extended track (typically 3-4 minutes) with voiceovers mentioning products and / or services you offer that many customers might not know you have.  Most phone systems input a digital file from a thumbdrive.  Some use a CD