An audio branding and image package (jingle) has two main functions:
  1. Extend the "remember-ability" of your product or service past the 30 or 60 seconds of air time you purchased
  2. To position your company as the ultimate choice for providing solutions for your customers

We are not writing your next favorite song.  We're not just filling in time while we work on our album.  We love the advertising business and audio for broadcasting productions because they help you!




  1. Pennisula Plumbing Heating and Air
  2. Mark Johnson Plumbing
  3. Air Quality Services
  4. Cloverdale Plumbing (includes VO donut from 30-50 seconds)
  5. JD Vigil Heating and Air
  6. Mitchell Electric


We put "science to the subjectivity" of music and lyric so we provide you with a lasting solution you can depend on to help bring customers to your door and "cut through all the clutter" of competitor advertising.  With over 700 local, regional and national packages created since 1994, it's in our DNA and we look forward to bringing our time and talent to your business.

A jingle package saves you time and money because your media partners get to know exactly how to create new copy for promotions, services, products...without having to re-invent the wheel each time.  Each time your ad runs, it builds off of previous airplays and constantly reinforces your brand!

“When you want something to be heard, say it. When you want something to be remembered, SING IT!” – Mike Morosi

Admagination is an established audio-for-broadcasting provider to: Mike Morosi and Contractor 20 / 20




How we've done:

  • "We have had a jingle from Admagination for several years.  It has been the best branding tool in our market we've ever had!" - Art Gregory / Zamzows
  • "We wanted to have our jingle sound like a certain popular song.  Admagination researched the licensing and found it was not available so they created a similar jingle and it plays perfectly" - C Watson / Debut Electrical
  • "I've recommended Admagination to 3 other business in my area.  Tom and Nancy at Admagination are professional, knowledgable and helped me through the entire process and have built better branding and name recognition for all three" - JD Vigil Heating and Air
  • "The production was very clever!  It has made our radio advertising stand out above and beyond anyone in this market!" - Cloverdale Plumbing  

Fun Factoids:

"Wheaties".  The very first singing advertisment in history. "If it wasn't for a radio jingle sung on Christmas Eve in 1926 by a barbershop quartet in Minneapolis, Wheaties cereal would have been long forgotten by now. ... Initially known as “Washburn's Gold Medal Whole Wheat Flakes,” the name was dropped a year later for Wheaties." 


More Creative Stuff from Admagination:


If you're in the HVAC / Plumbing / Electrical service business, call Mike Morosi (Contractor 20 / 20) at 607-770-8933 and get his team to help you develop a real successful marketing campaign, or call us at 208-286-7664 for more information and our low priced "buy out" packages.