The mystery of songwriting...the creative musician's magical ability to pull from within their experiences, their senses, their emotions is as close to the perfect art as you can get.  But it is also a craft.  If you have a toolbox full of techniques, tips & tricks, you can make your own songs better, you can break through the evil "writers block" and most importantly, you can write songs for anyone...any style.

Two of my favorite quotes in songwriting (which I always consider part of my toolbox) are: "A good song is like a good sermon. It comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable"-inspired from Bernice Fitz-Gibbon" and "the most creative end of the pencil is the eraser"-that's mine!

Over 700 Sales & Brand Building Custom Jingle Packages in 49 Markets! Yeah, We Know How to Do It
Jingles...a nefarious term.  Dismissed by musicians as non-creative junk...a trivial pursuit that is beneath them, yet when asked, everyone has produced some. It seems like every musician in the world claims to create jingles!  Some while waiting for their big recording contract.  Some because their dad owns a car dealership. Some because they just got a computer with an audio recorder built in.
NOT!  Jingles are a science, they are an art, and they should be taken seriously. They are your PR to the world! Here is what you need to do it right . . . AND of course Admagination has all these things!. Jingles are a short song in which a lot more is said in a lot less words!
  • You need a Class A Digital Production Studio
  • At least one great, well diverse arranger / songwriter / producer / engineer
  • Great lyricist...pop song level writer
  • A great female and male singer with a huge variety of styles and great range...that are one take wonders
  • A skill-set of sales and customer relations
  • ...and a love for the art!

Take all the above and consistently turn out this type of product...then you are now a creative business


At Admagination, we have so many jingles we just combined a bunch into a single medley and included a lyric sheet!

Full Sing Jingle Medley 1 -  LYRIC SHEET




What's the best way to start?  Create your own jingle package.  It's hard to convince a client you can promote them if you can't prove you can promote yourself!

Our own jingle and the history of jingles: Wheaties

  • Topic: Exploring Non-Traditional Revenue Streams (Funding Sources) for the Independant Songwriter
  • Format: 45-60 Minute Instructor w/Media Optimized PowerPoint Presentation w/Handouts and Q&A.  Ideally a 60-90 minute time slot is desired.
  • Tech Rider: Tom will use his laptop and requires either a VGA and audio input or HDMI.  PP is 16:9  (Please contact Tom at: 208-286-7664 if you prefer him to bring the presentation on a thumbdrive and use in house A/V)
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