MEO / Music Ed Online is an EdTech start up designed to deliver short, multi-resourced smart player videos.  Presented as a cross between and the Kahn Academy, this unique stand-alone or classroom partner can help to get theories and practical application turned into "muscle memory".  Click on the image to view the topic.
About the instructor: Nancy Roché has built an impressive career performing both live and in the studio.  As an on-call staff vocalist in both NYC and LA, Nancy would have to arrive, take a look at the music for the scheduled session and record. 
There's not a lot of room in a session for multiple takes.  So Ms. Roché developed technique and style that could be dialed in by the third take.  This required mastering her technical skills as well as having a deep pool of modern styles: R&B, Rock, Soul, Ballads, Latin, Jazz, Broadway...each one significantly different in order to capture the essence of the session.
As a live singer, she has performed from clubs to cabarets to large concert venues and arena size shows.  Click on the image to view this cool topic for Topic 1 of her amazing "Discovering Your Voice" training exclusively at MEO