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Rock of America

Rock of America

Commissioned for use by the RNC at several events leading up to the 2004 Presidential Nomination and eventually the Election Gala of George W. Bush.  "Rock of America" became the 3rd most downloaded song on MusicMatch in the weeks that followed 9/11.

Written by Tom Frazee and Nancy Roche'.  Programmed and recorded at Admagination Studios.  Video edited by Tom Frazee.  Stock footage from StoryBlocks

Click "Read More" for Lyrics.  They are also included in the video

Rock of America

We stand on sacred ground,
With grateful hearts,
As stars and stripes fly above us.
One race called “human”- 
Equal, and free.
We the people hold the future of all that can be.
We are the Rock of America.
We are the flags very fiber, 
its fabric for all.
Under stripes and stars, we stand “the rock”.
 We stand-
“The Rock of America”.
This land so bountiful 
Bears freedoms’ fruit
Whose truth we will give our lives for.
With hearts united, 
sea to shining sea,
We the people hold the promise of liberty.
We are the Bill of Rights in action
And the US Constitution.
The content of our character will serve as living proof.
For the spirit of the law
Is the heart of “we the people”.
The essence of America is ours to own, in truth …