Nancy grew up in Wayland Massachusetts. She received her "B" rating in pony club, eventing successfully through Preliminary level and trained with Brian Flynn in Equitation and 4'6" Jumpers. She was one of the top junior equitation and jumper riders in the country, winning ribbons at Madison Square Garden, Washington International and many other A-rated shows on the east coast. In her early 20's she joined with her sister, MaryAnne Roche-Gibbs to co-train at her barn in Hamilton, Massachusetts.

Picking up riding again in 1993 after a long and very musical hiatus (another story! to find out more go to Nancy's studio website) Nancy entered the Amateur ranks and began getting her "sea-legs" back again, going back into teaching in 2005. Always a student, she continues her on-going education constantly. Whether we compete with our horses or not, Nancy believes we owe it to our horse's generous souls to keep learning to be the best we can be, as they give so much to us.




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