Welcome to my wacky world of horses and music. Yes, the horse menu is on top. But I may end up flipping it under music, because you see- I can't decided which I love more!

All of my life I have had two very powerful, but distinctly different passions. One is early morning and quiet. One is late night and noisy. One is all about traveling and one is all about being home to take care of the animals. One is about dressing up, while the other is about dressing like a person with latent bag-lady tendencies. ;)

The truth is I need a balance of both.

You will still find me driving in a silent car, and I meditate regularly. The silence is golden in both music and horses as well. Both of these passions are artistry in motion- alive and existing from one moment to the next moment, with breath, harmony, connection and expression. 




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