FAQ: Why would my company need a custom jingle?

Ah...the big question!  If you can answer "yes" to the majority
of the following questions, you would benefit greatly with
a custom jingle or "audio image" production package.

Why A Jingle?
1) Would you like to run with the bigger dogs? 
    85% of all national broadcast advertisers use jingles. (source: Premier Broadcast Productions)

2) Do you want your ad campaigns to be easier to create?
    A jingle will save you time by eliminating the need to "reinvent the production wheel" each time 
    you run an ad campaign. 
3) Do you want your advertising effectiveness to carry more clout?
    Studies have shown that music can make your message 10 times more effective than straight 
    "voice" commercials. (source: RAB)
4) Would you like to use more proven techniques in your advertising?
    Successful broadcast advertisers often use mnemonics (A device, such as a formula or rhyme, 
    used as an aid in remembering) and music is one of the most successful memory tools ever!  
    (remember how you learned your ABC's)
5) Would you like to attract more attention from the demographics (customer profile) that you are trying to reach?
    Jingles can easily be targeted to reach a specific demographic. Rock and roll for a younger target audience, 
    easy listening for an older listening audience as well as a multitude of emotional themes...fun / upbeat, 
    warm / fuzzy, patriotic / bold, etc. 
6) Would you like to create a common thread for all your advertising so money spent on airtime today builds a foundation for future ad campaigns?
    Jingles add consistency to your branding and can be incorporated as a theme for all of your advertising 
    efforts, including print!

7) Does it make sense to have a major tool for the promotion of your business that can be budgeted over a period of years?
    A typical jingle package's life span is 3 years.  If you take the cost of a buy-out, full package, and spread 
    it over that period of time, then you can figure that it will cost you about $2.31 cents per day to have this 
    industry standard tool.  

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