FAQ: How long does a package take to make?

About 3-5 business days, depending on our 
staff / studio schedule, your schedule, the ability 
for you to listen to audio from the internet,  
and how accessable the descision makers are 
within your company.

Once we have a questionaire (go to "support" for
an on-line form) and have conducted a 10 minute
phone interview, we can start to develop your first
spec.  We do require a 25% deposit and a signed
agreement in order to book creative and studio time, 
but once we start, we don't stop until an accepted 
production is created.

We will then invoice you for the balance, create all
the versions for your full package, and post all the 
high resolution mp3's to a secure part of our server.
We will then send you the links so you and your media
contacts can login and download the tracks.  We also
send 2 CD's of the package to you directly.  

Go to on-line Q&A form

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