Editing and Sound Design:  Many projects
for broadcast require adjusting several 
parameters of the audio.  Cutting the piece
to make it fit a certain time, adding or subtracking,
sections, making the production faster or slower...the list is
long.  In todays digital domain, editing has almost no limits.
We can edit almost any type of audio to do just about anything.  
We use Sony / Sound Forge, Sonar 5, Waves, Pro Tools,
TRacks 24, and many other plug in's

Sound design is the creation of audio that is not related to
music scoring.  Sound FX's, natural sound / foley (ie, footsteps,
wind, thunder) are a big part of any visual production.  We maintain
a database of over 10,000 industry quality tracks of these items.

Base price:  Studio hours at $100 per hour (we run a very "easy
clock")  Voice over work is a small extra charge.  Music library
is included

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